Holly’s Moving Day

Enjoying a meal together before the move.

Holly’s moving day finally arrived on Sunday. We had spent Saturday getting everything packed up and loaded into our truck ready to go. Sunday I took Holly to the Whataburger for a meal before I drove her to her new place. I know I’m going to miss her silliness and quirkiness, but it makes me happier to see my kids getting out into the world and beginning their own lives. To me that’s what being a parent has always been about. I’ve enjoyed every stage of my children’s lives. From the first time they wrap their little arms around my neck, to the first little kiss, the first mama, and smile, to the first steps, learning to potty all by themselves, learning to feed themselves, all the firsts, including moving out on their own.

Holly’s new place with her best friend!

I know as a parent I may not always make all the right decisions, I know I haven’t, but, to do the best possible with what I have to work with, that’s really all we can do. Love and encourage our children to pursue God and the dreams and talents He has given them, protect them from harm, and guide them to become the man or woman of God they were created to be. To me that is my job as a parent. I can only hope my kids will each grow to become an even better parent than I was. By taking the good things I did and repeat and take my mistakes and learn from them and become better.

Beautiful skies on a beautiful day, full of hope for a good future!

After getting Holly all settled in I snapped this picture of the skies on the way home. It was just such a beautiful day. The weather was awesome and the skies were so blue and clouds just so white and fluffy!

Sugar playing fetch by the lake.


After Sugar and I got home I took her down to play by the lake. She had a blast running and playing. She even went for a short swim when she got excited and leaped into the lake. But once she hit that chilly water she was quick to swim out. But she had fun.

Caught an Otter going for a swim

We even saw an otter swimming and having fun in the lake. Probably what Sugar tried to swim after when she jumped into the lake.

Stormy having fun at Grandmas, they were practicing first aid.

With Holly moved out, Harold working in Mississippi and Stormy spending the weekend with Grandma, Sugar and I spent the rest of the evening by ourselves. This was the first night in years I had more than a few hours all to myself. I planned on a quiet evening and early bed, but I ended up cleaning out the cupboard and shelves and organized the kitchen drawers. Of course. 🙂

Sunday was a full day all to myself, besides Sugar. We took a couple walks, cleaned the house, then I headed to Starbucks to use the internet. That was an interesting afternoon to say the least. Met a few intriguing individuals. One could probably write a book on the people of Starbucks. LOL. I’ve enjoyed my time to myself the last two days, but I’m ready for my Stormy and hubby to come home.

Till next time,

Rachele T.