A busy February 1st!


Today has been a busy day! Finally got into my chiropractor & upgraded to the unlimited visits for the month of February. He is very reasonable, it is only $240 for our entire family for the whole month with unlimited …

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Holly’s Moving Day


Holly’s moving day finally arrived on Sunday. We had spent Saturday getting everything packed up and loaded into our truck ready to go. Sunday I took Holly to the Whataburger for a meal before I drove her to her new …

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Propane Problems


Wednesday evening right at bedtime our second propane bottle ran out. I thought no big deal, I had another 30lb on the grill. So I pulled off the two empties and loaded them in my truck to take to get …

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Fort Meade, Maryland


We stopped for the night in Fort Meade, Maryland and stayed with my brother. It was great to get to spend some time with him. I’m very proud of all that my brother has done in his last 19 years …

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Franklin, NY & Delaware County


Thursday we traveled over to Franklin, NY to visit with my uncle and his family. He is the Mayor of Franklin. It had been a long time since we had gotten to visit, so it was good to get to …

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Friday morning my girls and I just rested. We were  just flat exhausted from the hours on the road and decided to sleep in a bit. We did get up to enjoy the free hot breakfast that the hotel had. They …

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