Words of Wisdom from a 9 year old

Stormy wanted to have her own video blog. I started a 90 day challenge myself to blog and do at least 1 video everyday for the next 90 days. So Stormy wanted to do one of her own. So here …

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A fun-filled weekend


With the weather being so nice we decided to take our dog, Sugar, down to the meadow to go for a run. She made a bee-line for the water and jumped right in like she had done it a million …

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Holly’s Moving Day


Holly’s moving day finally arrived on Sunday. We had spent Saturday getting everything packed up and loaded into our truck ready to go. Sunday I took Holly to the Whataburger for a meal before I drove her to her new …

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Propane Problems


Wednesday evening right at bedtime our second propane bottle ran out. I thought no big deal, I had another 30lb on the grill. So I pulled off the two empties and loaded them in my truck to take to get …

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Liberty City, Texas


Well its hard to believe today is the last day of 2012. So much has happened this past year, and so much is on the horizon in the upcoming year. A lot of changes and a big move is in …

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