What a day!

Oh boy! What a day so far! Hubby has been working nights this week and Sunday the transmission went out in his company truck. Yesterday we took it into the shop and the company is getting it fixed, no biggie. But, he is having to run our personal truck while the company truck is in the shop. So the last two days have been crazy for me trying to get everything I need to get done in the 4 hour window before its time to fix his dinner & food for work & him leave again.

So we had a freeze last night, no biggie all our hoses are wrapped (well it shouldn’t have been anyway). We woke to no water this morning, didn’t think much about it, I figured it would thaw out in a bit. I had to run a few errands in town first thing this morning. I came back from town to find a note on my door from the neighbor explains that he had shut our water off because there were 2 huge leaks. Ugh! Yep! The hose splitter had split & the water filter had busted. So I made another run into town to get the parts to fix it and finally got our water back on.