A Very Cold Tow!

Today started out pretty good. Was a little tired. With my hunny working out of state it makes it hard to sleep for me, so mornings are a little tough to get up and moving. But me and baby girl did finally get ready to go run some errands and get ready for the cold front that is coming at us. So we bundled up and headed out. Made our way to the gym first, then over to our mechanics to check on getting a new water reservoir for our truck. It had sprung a leak last year coming over one of the 10,000+ high mountains when we were leaving Oregon last year. We had been patching it, but the patches we not sticking anymore and figured it was time to hunt down a new one.

After we left our mechanics shop we headed over to Tyler to visit our Chiropractor and do a little shopping before heading home to settle in. We got about half-way when I noticed my truck was starting to sputter and felt like I was losing power. I was pushing on the gas, but all I was getting was sputtering and slowing down. I had no warning lights, nothing to indicate something was going wrong. I made my way over to the shoulder thinking I’d let the people behind me pass, then I could turn around and head back. Didn’t happen that way! No sooner than I got pulled over my truck died! And would not restart. So I called my mechanic to let him know we would be headed back to his shop as soon as I could get a tow.

Stormy didn’t like the waiting at all. She was very restless, and hungry! As it was lunch time and we had planned on getting something from the health food store next to our chiropractor. Thankfully we had some freeze-dried snacks in the truck and water bottles, so hunger emergency avoided! lol Then it started to snow! Oh Boy! We do not get much snow here in East Texas so when it does happen its a BIG Event! (I heard some news stations were doing “Breaking News” segments to report that it was snowing, 🙂 I am thankful we had put on our heavy coats before leaving the house though, otherwise that hour long wait with it sleeting and snowing outside would have been very cold! I did go over in my head to remind myself that I need to make sure to repack my Vehicle Emergency Kit and make sure I have cold weather supplies stocked up on when I get my truck back. You don’t really think about those things until you may need them, and then you can be in a lot of trouble if you are not prepared!

TruckWe ended up waiting over an hour for a truck, they were all at other accidents when I called, then had to wait for someone to drive the 20 minutes from town to come and get me from the side of the road. But Stormy thought it was fun to get to ride up in the front of a big tow truck! She jabbered the ear off the poor tow truck driver 🙂 By the time we got back to our mechanics shop in Kilgore there were some really BIG snowflakes falling, and it was getting very cold! I tried to focus on staying warm, rather than the $200 tow bill I had to pay, ugh! But we got our truck safely unloaded and right after the tow truck driver left I went to lock the truck up and there was no key! Uh-oh! I keep a copy of my truck key on my wallet in case I lock my keys inside I usually have my purse with me, or in cases like this when I need to leave my truck with the mechanic and I just want them to have only the truck key. So I had to call the towing company back and get in touch with the driver to bring the key back. He was so apologetic. It was no biggie! 🙂 I got to see some really nice snowflakes while waiting! Once we got the truck squared away with the mechanic and locked up, he drove my daughter and I home since we didn’t have a ride.

Once home, we got something to eat and Stormy was able to finally sit down and do her schoolwork for the day. But she was so worn out from our exciting adventure by 7:30 she was begging to go to bed! Oh my! My night owl was done for the day. So here I sit, wrapping a few things up and hoping that it won’t be anything major for our truck. Seems like a good night to head off a little early! Night all!

Till next time!