Tuesday February 14, 2014

Its been three weeks and $2,000 later, my truck is still in the shop. We finally got the fuel pump and lines and seals all replaced, only to discover the high pressure oil pump was out too. I’m still waiting to hear from the mechanic if there is anything else wrong once he get the oil pump in. I really hope not! In the meantime I’ve had to resort to renting a car, as my husband is out of town working all the time, and I can’t be this long without a vehicle. So we have the rental car fees on top of repairs! My oh my! That got expensive quick!

You would never know it today, being that we are knocking on almost 70 degrees, that two days ago we were covered in solid ice! I was going to try and get some pictures but on the way out the door to walk Sugar, my feet slipped on the ice and sent me crashing down the steps and I slammed into the side of the rental car. All I could think at first was, “Oh, I hope no one saw me!” LOL My second one was praying I hadn’t broke anything since my left leg was folded up under me and my ankle was at an angle it should never be in. Thankfully nothing was broken and I managed to slowly get to my feet. I was in horrible pain! My left foot and ankle and whole left side was just excruciating pain. I sliced open one of my finger on my right hand and slammed the underside of my right arm where I was trying to grab on for dear life! My poor dog, I must have startled her because she piddled a little in the doorway, but was looking at me like, “Come-on and quit playing, I got to go!” So I hobbled her to the field so she could do her business, and hobbled back.

young living essential oilsAs soon as I was back in, I grabbed my Young Living Essential Oils and started putting oils everywhere I hurt, which was pretty much everywhere. I never wished for a bathtub as much as I had at that moment so I could have just soaked! Almost considered renting a hotel just so I could soak in a tub, but then reconsidered it when I thought of having to clean it and detoxify it with Thieves first. So I opted to just keep apply oils to myself.

Then yesterday, my daughter woke up running a fever of 103. So I began putting my oils on her and diffusing Thieves in my Home Diffuser. Thankfully by the end of the day her fever was gone and she was feeling so much better.

young living essential oilsMeanwhile during all this my husband ended up spending about 36 hours straight on one location, got to come home for only a few hours to get a short nap then had to leave again at 11pm last night to be in south Mississippi by 7 am this morning. So yesterday between oiling myself and my daughter and diffusing I put together a bag of Young Living Oils for him to take with him.

So in essence its been a very hectic several days, but I am so incredibly blessed to have my oils to help my family stay healthy and heal rather than having to run to the doctor for every little thing. And the oils are AMAZING for relieving stress!

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Till next time,

Rachele T.