A Bittersweet Adventure


We had planned our next vacation for later this summer in August to go up to Oregon and visit with Harold’s family after we had gotten some other obligations taken care of. But we received word that Harold’s dad wasn’t doing …

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Time to Rescue Holly!


As I posted a few days ago, our daughter’s, that we just moved 3-1/2 hours away to Dallas, car broke down. We had a feeling it was the battery and we had planned on coming up this weekend to fix …

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A fun-filled weekend


With the weather being so nice we decided to take our dog, Sugar, down to the meadow to go for a run. She made a bee-line for the water and jumped right in like she had done it a million …

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Propane Problems


Wednesday evening right at bedtime our second propane bottle ran out. I thought no big deal, I had another 30lb on the grill. So I pulled off the two empties and loaded them in my truck to take to get …

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A Chilly January Morning


Woke up this morning to a chilly icy rain so we decided to spend the day indoors.     Got the RV all cleaned and a yummy beef stew going in the crock pot.     One of the things …

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Sunday January 13, 2013

I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. I worked at my storage unit this weekend getting stuff rearranged so I can start going through everything. I’ve got one climate control unit I’ve set up as an office with space to …

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Finally back in East Texas


Well we made it back to East Texas Sunday afternoon. We were able to find an RV Park in Hallsville, Hitchin Post RV Park. It’s a small park, no pool or playground, but they have facilities, a laundromat, a 24 hour …

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Day 1 – Finally on our way… Well Almost!


My hubby finally got the seals all swapped out and everything greased and brakes put back together so we could head out. It was about 8:40 pm when we finally left Kilgore. Brakes were working and we were hoping to …

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