Sunday in Panama City Beach, FL

St Andrews State Park Beach Panama City Beach FL

Woke up to a beautiful morning and headed out to St Andrews State Park. This was where Harold and I spent our honeymoon 12 years ago. It was just a breathtaking as I remember.

The girls at St Andrews State Park Beach, Panama City Beach FL

The girls couldn’t wait to hit the beach and try out their new body boards. Stormy just took to the ocean like she had been swimming her entire life.

It wasn’t long before a thunderstorm worked itself up and we had to grab everything up and head up to the sheltered area to wait out the storm.

St Andrews State Park Panama City Beach FL thunderstorm

Before long it had passed and the sun was out and we were back in the water again. Even Harold rode the waves on his board.

Harold learning to Body Board at St Andrews State Park Beach, Panama City Beach FL

We all really enjoyed the sand and surf today. We headed back about 3:00pm to get ready for our evening Pirate Ship Cruise, but when we arrived home we learned that the entire street had lost power in the massive storm that had passed over us as we were out at the park. When I went to get my clothes I  discovered that a leak had sprung inside my closet and EVERYTHING was soaked!

The Sea Dragon

Oh well, thank goodness I had one outfit set aside so we finished getting ready and headed to the Marina.

Stormy ready for her Pirate Adventure

Stormy was so excited especially once we got there and she saw the Pirate Ship. Harold and I took this same cruise twelve years ago while on our honeymoon, it was such an experience.

Sea Dragon Pirate Cruise

From the second you board the ship the Captain and crew are all in character and rearing to go.

Stormy had a blast during the Pirate Cruise

They have constant activities to entertain the kids the entire two hour cruise, while the adults just sit back and enjoy. I think we enjoyed it just as much as the kids did.

We got to see a dolphin from the ship

The views from the ship were spectacular, we even got to see a dolphin.

The kids pulling up the pirate treasure from the ocean

As we near the end of the cruise the crew tells the kids a story about a pirate treasure buried in the harbor and we set out to hunt it down. Once we find it the kids get to help bring it aboard and they all get to share the  “booty” out of the treasure chest.

Sunset from the ship


As the kids enjoy their new treasures the Captain brings the ship around for us to view the sun setting over Panama City Beach.

A beautiful end to a wonderful day

It is so breathtaking.


What a beautiful end to a wonderful day.


For more information about the Pirate cruise you can visit their website here. I would recommend making reservations as their cruises fill up quickly.


Till next time, enjoy your journey,

Rachele T.