Wish Every Monday Was This Good

Getting their boards ready

Monday we decided to head back to the Pet Friendly beach so Sugar could have fun too, so we headed to the other side of the pier as soon as we got up and going.

A relaxing day at the beach

We just relaxed and enjoyed our day.



Holly and Stormy starting their rides at the Pier Park Mall Amusement Park

Monday evening we took the girls to the amusement park at Pier Park Mall. We bought the girls armbands and they made their rounds riding every ride for about 4 hours. And had a blast.

Another beautiful end to a great day

Monday was a good relaxing day.




Till next time, enjoy your journey,

Rachele T.


Saturday Fun in Panama City Beach Florida

Park Place RV Park, Panama City Beach FL

We finally arrived Friday evening and got all settled in. When we first pulled up to Park Place RV Park we had reserved I was a little scared! It didn’t look anything like the pictures online ūüôĀ It was quite ghetto. But it was cheap and we were tired.

The view from Park Place RV Park

A full week was only $200, which is almost half of any other RV Park in the area, plus being that our RV is 16 years old, most of the other parks here wouldn’t allow us to stay. So we made the best of it. It is very tightly spaced in here and anyone with a larger RV will not be able to fit here at all. We only have a 32′ bumper pull and we take up almost two spaces, but they only charged us for one, thank goodness.

The Cobra Go-Kart Track

So far everything has been good. Most are full-time residents here and all are really friendly and helpful, even a few from Texas, and one who’s family is from Longview. They do have facilities but you have to put a $5 deposit down to get a key for the restrooms. We use the showers, but not the toilets as there are no locks on the stall doors nor any toilet paper.

The girls having fun on the Cobra Go-Karts

The best benefit of this park is that it is right on Front Beach Rd, and within walking distance of the Ripley’s, Wonder Works, and about a dozen amusement parks, go-karts, and putt-putts. The Wal-mart is a five minute drive down one of the side roads and we are close by everything.

The girls had so much fun on the Cobra Go-karts!

Being that we were right across the street from Cobra Amusement Park the girls couldn’t wait to ride the golf carts. So Saturday morning after a restful nights sleep we made our way across the street to have some fun.

Stormy’s first solo go-kart ride

Next door to the Cobra Amusement park was another amusement center and Stormy got to ride their go-karts all by herself. She was a little leery at first while she was getting used to the pedals, but once she got the hang of it she was off and having a blast!

Holly & Stormy on the bumper boats

Next the girls had a blast on the bumber boats. It took Stormy a few minutes to figure out how to make hers go, but once she figured it out she was off chasing Holly across the water.

Beach Access 56 leads down to the pet-friendly beach.

After having some fun, we decided to explore some more of Panama City Beach and find the Pet Friendly beach.

We found it just past Pier Park Mall on the other side of the pier.

The family enjoying the beach.

Our first glimpse of the ocean! It was so beautiful. The sand is so soft and white, but I didn’t realize how hard it was to walk on the sand. Dad took Sugar down to the edge of the water to see how she would like it, and yep she did.

Holly getting to hold the bird at Pier Park Mall

It was wonderful to see her enjoying the waves. The girls couldn’t wait till we could go swimming. They played for a while in the surf.

Stormy getting to hold the bird at Pier Park Mall

Once we had enough of the beach for now we took Sugar back to the RV and got cleaned up and went back to Pier Park Mall. It’s like the Boardwalk in Shreveport, only better. There was a guy and his bird walking around letting kids pet and hold the bird. The girls got a kick out of holding the bird.

Stilt-walker at Margaritaville

For dinner we decided to go to¬†Margaritaville. We were hoping to be able to watch the sunset, but we couldn’t see it from our table.

Holly at Margaritaville!

They had stilt-walkers doing balloon animals for the kids, that was really neat. But we were very disappointed in the food and service there. We will not waste our money there again.

Stormy at Margaritaville!

But overall today was an enjoyable day with the family.


Till next time, enjoy your journey,

Rachele T.

Sunset from the Margaritaville porch