Southern East Coast


We spent Wednesday evening in Kingsland, GA at the Comfort Suites off exit 3. It was so beautiful.  Our room was very clean and comfortable. We really didn’t want to get out of bed because they were so soft, but the hot and fresh waffles and fresh breakfast made it a little easier. We would definitely recommend this hotel. With the coupon in the free hotel coupon books available at Florida’s rest stops and also in the hotel foyer our stay here was less than $70.00.

Georgia River

Georgia was beautiful. Lots of green and rivers and creeks. One thing I did notice was how the drivers just seemed to be very courteous. I’ve never seen so many drivers smiling, waving, letting others merge and just good safe driving. Maybe it was partly to the fact that right as you enter Georgia there is a huge billboard declaring that texting in Georgia is ILLEGAL!  And there were several reminders along the roadways.

Entrance to South Carolina

We were impressed by the entrance to South Carolina. But wow! It seemed like it took forever to get across the state. Hwy 95 North was a pretty drive, lots of trees and green.

South of the Border Billboard

As we drove we started seeing lots of billboards for a place called South of The Border. We thought maybe it was a restaurant or big store. But we were not prepared for what we saw when we drove by. It was its own town. There were amusement rides, a sombrero tower, a train, and much, more. It was very interesting.

South of The Border, SC

We crossed over into North Carolina just passed South of the Border. Then into Virginia a few hours later. It seemed like we drove forever.

Welcome to North Carolina

We finally arrived in Maryland about 11:30pm, but boy we were not prepared for what happened next.

We had reservations at the Red Roof Inn in Laurel, BUT what your online reservation doesn’t tell you is if the hotel is in the BAD part of town! There were vagrants wandering all over the parking lot and people hanging off of the above balconies.

Welcome to Virginia

We pulled up and everyone started looking at us like we were steaks and they hadn’t eaten in a week. I got even more worried when I went to the front office and they were behind bullet proof glass. Let’s just say we did NOT stay. Instead we went across town and got a room at the Holiday Inn Express. MUCH nicer and MUCH better part of town. Really looking forward to visiting a couple days here in Maryland.


Till next time, enjoy your journey,

Rachele T.