Some scary storms!

Been hearing the last few days about possible severe storms coming this afternoon. So we got our running done this morning then did a walk around inside & out to make sure we “battened down the hatches” and nothing would hopefully blow away. The weathermen were all saying we may have severe straight line winds. That’s almost as bad as a tornado in this neck of the woods, especially when you live in an RV! So we had us an early dinner and headed up to our storage building for the afternoon & evening. We have a climate controlled unit inside a brick building where I have an office set up, so it’s a tad bit sturdier in high winds than our RV. Dad’s working out of town again so it’s just me, Stormy, & Sugar.

It was very windy all afternoon, but about 7pm Sugar jumped up and began growling at our closed unit door. A few seconds later we heard the wind change! Whoa! It sounded super scary, like a train! Hail started pounding on the metal roof and we could hear the gushing rain between massive gusts of wind. The lights began to flicker on and off and the wind was picking up speed & force. We could hear the building groaning and creaking. Then suddenly all the lights went out. The only light was from the glow of my laptop screen.

Stormy pulled her iPod out and used that for light as she decided to look through some of our family photo albums to take her mind off the raging storm outside. Sugar calmed down and went back to sleep on her blanket, and I settled in to get some work done on my laptop while we waited for the storm to pass, and hopefully for the power to come back on again soon.

The storm raged for a couple hours and finally settled down about the time the power came back on. So we decided to wrap up for the evening and head back to the RV.

Now mind you I had been praying for God’s protection over us & our RV all day, so it was no surprise to come back home to find everything still in its place. It didn’t even leak in my closet :), which seems to pour every time it sprinkles. So a big thank you to God and His Angels for their protection tonight. And to my wonderful husband who finally got all the holes in the roof sealed up. 😀

Now it’s time for a peaceful nights rest.
Good night all.
Till next time,

Rachele T.

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