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Last Updated: January 26, 2020

A bit of our Story:

My youngest was so traumatized by the bullying she endured while in public school (never imagined how bad 1st grade could have been) we pulled her out and did “Deschooling” (a period of unstructured learning) and “Unschooling” her first year. Over the next eight years we went through several different curriculum, but ended up using an eclectic mix of many. We used a mix of Deschooling, Hackschooling, Unschooling, Sudbury, Robertson, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and much more.

During our time of homeschooling we studied many different subjects, including religious studies, which is why there is a mix of resources listed on this page. We enjoyed getting in depth with the many different religions and spiritual beliefs that exist and found what worked best for us as individuals and as a family, and hope that you will do the same.


My first suggestion if you decide to home school is to join the Homeschool Legal Defense Fund and find out what is required specifically for your state to home school.   http://www.hslda.org/


If you have not seen the movie Class Dismissed, then I highly recommend watching it.



A good article on Unschooling…


An article on what Eclectic/Classical Homeschooling is…



Organization & Tracking

Homeschool Skedtrack For tracking lessons, planning, etc, I used a free online scheduler. It also will generate report cards, track time, track credits for high school. You can set up the years lessons, holidays, school year, and student accounts for each child. Each child has their own log in and can pull up their daily lessons, check off when they are done. Then you can log in to your teacher account and approve what they did, or make any adjustments that need to be made. http://www.homeschoolskedtrack.com/

If you prefer something offline, here are some free planners that are really great and also have some homeschool planning page options.

The Handmade Home – Free Homeschool & Calendar Printables

Miss Tiina Free Printables

This article explains how to line out a whole year of lessons using file folders.

Homeschool Curriculum Groups

Definitely not an all-inclusive list, but some of the ones I found helpful.






Not all of these are secular based curriculum programs, some are. I’ve tried to separate them to make finding sources that fit your family a bit easier. This is not an all-inclusive list, and many can be adapted to your personal beliefs and your individual child and family. Homeschooling is never a one size fits all because every child and every family is different. You as the parent know what is best for your child and your family, so just use what will work for you and your family.

Secular Based:

Some of these are free, some you just buy the books and supplies, others are fully paid for curriculum.

Sudbury Model Here is information on the Sudbury model, we use some aspects of this, especially following the interest based learning for the kids…

The Keystone School One of my favorite secular paid options, and also one of the most affordable online options, is the The Keystone School. They offer flexible education programs for high school, middle school and elementary students that help each student achieve their unique dreams and goals. Whether your student wants to study full-time or just needs individual classes, they offer more than 170 courses from credit recovery to world languages and AP. Students can enroll at any time. http://www.keystoneschoolonline.com/

Open Tent Academy is an inclusive and non-sectarian program, open to students from all backgrounds where homeschoolers (and “after-schoolers”) can take an array of classes, taught by instructors, who are experts in their fields. http://www.opententacademy.com/

Bridgeway Academy is fully accredited and covers elementary through high school. Offers both secular and Christian options for homeschool families, charter schools, state organizations, co-ops, athletic organizations, arts schools, and others who seek flexible education options for their families.  https://www.homeschoolacademy.com/

Pagan & Other Spiritual Paths:

Little Pagan Acorns A great resource for those that are Pagan, or following other Spiritual Paths. http://www.littlepaganacorns.com/

Judaism/Torah Based Curriculum:

Torah through Literature Judaism based classical literature. http://www.torahthroughliterature.com/

Aleph Beta, they have basic memberships, premium, and a teacher membership, that also works great for homeschoolers and has weekly classroom lessons to go with the videos. https://www.alephbeta.org/

Chabad also has a children’s and family section and also have daily readings and videos that we enjoy. http://www.chabad.org/   and https://www.chabad.org/kids/default_cdo/jewish/JewishKidsorg.htm

A few other Jewish resources….




Shalom Sesame

Christian Based Curriculum:

This is not an all inclusive list as the majority of homeschool resources are Christian Based, which is why this was listed last. These are just some of the programs we gleaned from and adapted the parts that fit for us.

Easy Peasy Homeschool Resource We used Easy Peasy when we first started. It is completely FREE and a great way to transition into homeschooling if you are just really not sure what to do next. Daily lessons are completely laid out for you. Can be easily adapted to fit a secular perspective.

Preschool – 8th grade:  https://allinonehomeschool.com/

High School:  https://allinonehighschool.com/

Robertson Curriculum We used many aspects of the Robertson Curriculum, I liked the program of study, math and many of the resources, we just exclude some of the books that do not fit, or used them as points of conversation. Avoid the Henty Collection if you are trying to stick to more secular curriculum. http://www.robinsoncurriculum.com/



A2 (A Squared) is one I had picked up many years ago that has each grade level lined out on one disk so it is simple and covers each subject. It can easily be adapted to a more secular lesson plan. It seems that the site is no longer active, but you can find the archived copy below, and if you can find an old copy, it is a great addition to your library.


Charlotte Mason





Ambleside Free curriculum based off of the Charlotte Mason Method



Bridgeway Academy is fully accredited and covers elementary through high school. Offers both secular and Christian options for homeschool families, charter schools, state organizations, co-ops, athletic organizations, arts schools, and others who seek flexible education options for their families.  https://www.homeschoolacademy.com/

SKrafty For the kids that are more into technology & gaming, this family built an entire homeschool curriculum around it: SKrafty is run by the Syx Family from Alabama who homeschool and also love to play Minecraft and integrate education with things children love. http://whenyouriseup.com/


Resources by Subject:


We liked using Saxon Math, 1st editions, for math. Once your child masters flashcards on addition, subtraction, multiplication & division, you can start them on the Saxon 5/4. We do a lesson a day, sometimes two.

The first number in the title represents a loose grade level recommendation for average math students, while the second number represents an advanced grade level. For example, Math 54 is loosely indicated for average 5th graders and advanced 4th graders.

For more information and groups to connect with using the Saxon Math:

I am working on collecting and digitizing the Test booklets and Answer Keys as it has gotten very difficult to find them intact. The books are much easier to find.

Check out what Answer Keys and Test Booklets we have available so far.

Recommend 1st editions for the 5/4 thru Advanced Math. 2nd ed for Calculus.
5/4, 1st ed.
6/5, 1st ed.
7/6, 1st ed.
8/7, 1st ed.
Algebra 1/2, 1st ed.
Algebra 1, 1st ed.
Algebra 2, 1st ed.
Advanced Math, 1st.
Calculus, 2 ed.

Here is a great article on the Unschooling/Sudbury method of math.

University of Colorado, Boulder https://phet.colorado.edu/

ALGEBRA 1: Complete Course! Every chapter and every lesson is here, including examples, chapter reviews, and tests. You’ll have access to 73 VIDEOS with lectures and over 700 solved exercises, plus ENTIRE TEXTBOOK. All for Free. You can also purchase the entire course on DVD and the Textbook if you prefer to work offline. http://www.algebrafree.com/

GEOMETRY: Complete Course. 55 animated videos. http://www.geometryfree.com/


Access NASA’s publicly funded peer-reviewed research here…

Access millions of scientific articles, journals, and peer-reviewed research covering a wide range of topics. Great for research on current topics you may be studying. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words © 2005-2016 Keith Enevoldsen. http://elements.wlonk.com/ElementsTable.htm

University of Colorado, Boulder. https://phet.colorado.edu/

Physics Curriculum & Textbooks http://www.lightandmatter.com/

English, Literature, Reading & Writing

Writing Reviser. Revise your writing with the help of this tool. It allows you to focus on your purpose and audience, essay structure, and use of written language (sentence economy, variety, power, and clarity). You’ll learn to ask questions experienced writers ask automatically. As a result, you’ll begin to express yourself with greater precision and power.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy organizes scholars from around the world in philosophy and related disciplines to create and maintain an up-to-date reference work.

Project Gutenberg offers over 53,000 free ebooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. Most Project Gutenberg ebooks were previously published by bona fide publishers. These ebooks may be freely used in the United States because most are not protected by U.S. copyright law, usually because their copyrights have expired. http://www.gutenberg.org/

Library of Congress Classic Books. Explore bygone eras, time-honored tales and historical narratives. Adventure awaits in these classic books online. http://www.read.gov/books/index.html

Open Culture. Over 800 free ebooks, classics & literature

Thousands of free classic ebooks for ipad, sony ereader, kindle, nook, android and other mobile devices. Searchable by Author or by title. Available authors: Alcott, Louisa M; Austen, Jane; Barrie, James M; Baum, L Frank; Benedict, Elsie Lincoln; Benedict, Ralph Paine; Bronte, Emily; Bronte, Charlotte; Burroughs, Edgar Rice; Carroll, Lewis; Chaucer, Geoffrey; Chesterton, Cecil; Chesterton, G K; Christie, Agatha; Collins, Wilkie; Conrad, Joseph; Crane, Walter; Da Vinci, Leonardo; De Cervantes, Miguel; Defoe, Daniel; DeWitt, David Miller; Dickens, Charles; Dostoevsky, Fyodor; Dumas, Alexandre; Eliot, George; Gibbon, Edward; Grahame, Kenneth; Grimm Brothers; Haggard, Henry Ryder; Hardy, Thomas; Hesse, Herman; Hodgson Burnett, Frances; Homer; Hugo, Victor; Isham, Frederic S; Joyce, James; Kafka, Franz; Kipling, Rudyard; Lawrence, D. H.; London, Jack; Machiavelli, Niccolo; Melville, Herman; Milton, John; Montgomery, Lucy Maud; Plato; Poe, Edgar Alan; Pollard, Josephine; Potter, Beatrix; Russell, Bertrand; Sewel, Anna; Serviss, Garrett P; Shakespeare, William; Shelley, Mary; Stevenson, Robert Louis; Stowe, Harriet Beecher; The Bible; Tolstoy, Leo; Tressell, Robert; Twain, Mark; Verne, Jules; Virgil; Wilde, Oscar; Wells, H. G.; Whittman, Walt; Wodehouse, P. G.

The Harvard Classics / Dr. Eliot’s Five Foot Shelf, is a 51-volume anthology of classic works from world literature, compiled and edited by Harvard University president Charles W. Eliot and first published in 1909.

The Arno-Schmidt reference library. GASL is the abbreviation for “Society of Arno-Schmidt readers”. The aim of the society founded in 1986 is the promotion and dissemination of interest in the work of the German writer Arno Schmidt (1914-1979).
*This page and most works are in German. Google translator can translate the page into English. http://www.gasl.org/wordpress/?page_id=70

History, Government, Law

Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/

The Library of Congress Memory collections http://memory.loc.gov/ammem/index.html

A Biography of America presents history not simply as a series of irrefutable facts to be memorized, but as a living narrative. Prominent historians — Donald L. Miller, Pauline Maier, Louis P. Masur, Waldo E. Martin, Jr., Douglas Brinkley, and Virginia Scharff — present America’s story as something that is best understood from a variety of perspectives. Thought-provoking debates and lectures encourage critical analysis of the forces that have shaped America. First-person narratives, photos, film footage, and documents reveal the human side of American history — how historical figures affected events, and the impact of these events on citizens’ lives. http://www.learner.org/resources/series123.html#

American Heritage Education Foundation 

National Center for Constitutional Studies


Foundation For Economic Education (FEE): FREE Online Courses and In-Person Workshop Materials for Economics and Entrepreneurship

Art Lessons: 1st-8th Grade curriculum.  Artists and Their Art: Sharing Visual Stories, a tool to promote visual literacy through artwork. A bit pricey, but a good. Includes complete lessons (80 total), for grades 1-8.

Art Notebooking Pages:  Curriculum for a year if you study one artist per month for a school year. This homeschool mom created created these wonderful notebooking pages (2 sets that are slightly different) to go along with the Art lessons above.

Free online Digital Photography course by Stanford Professor Mark Levoy
An introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography. Topics include lenses and optics, light and sensors, optical effects in nature, perspective and depth of field, sampling and noise, the camera as a computing platform, image processing and editing, and computational photography. We will also survey the history of photography, look at the work of famous photographers, and talk about composing strong photographs. Free photography course


Additional Resources…

Notebooking Pages: Free Membership available with Step-by-step email tutorials, 600+ pages, 100s of FREE notebooking and homeschooling printable pages. http://travelwiththetycksens.com/notebookingpages

Homeschool Central has been providing free resources since 1996 for the homeschool community. http://www.homeschoolcentral.com/

SAS Curriculum Pathways is provided at no cost to students and educators in traditional, virtual and home schools, as well as other teaching and learning environments. Interactive, standards-based resources in the core disciplines. https://www.sascurriculumpathways.com/portal/#

The MERLOT system provides access to curated online learning and support materials and content creation tools, led by an international community of educators, learners and researchers.

The Annenberg Foundation. Teacher resources and professional development across the curriculum, media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching. http://www.learner.org/

Open Author helps you build Open Educational Resources, lesson plans, and courses (on your own, or with others) — and then publish them, to the benefit of educators and learners everywhere. https://www.oercommons.org/

The Orange Grove open education resource repository. https://www.floridashines.org/orange-grove

Open Educational Resources (OER) in SUNY are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in the public domain or have been released under an intellectual property license that permits repurposing by others. Openly licensed textbooks and courses written and curated by SUNY Faculty. https://textbooks.opensuny.org/

Math, science, computer programming, history, art, economics, and even more free online classes. https://www.khanacademy.org/

Free, high quality resources for teachers and students.

OpenEd is now ACT Academy: Free K-12 Classroom Assessments, Homework, Videos, Lesson Plans. https://actacademy.act.org/search

World Book. Free education resources. Includes K-12 curriculum guide.

A handy video that explains how to use the World Book Curriculum Guide and Open Ed to create lesson Plans for your child

Nonprofit NFS provides Homeschool discount laptops. Microsoft Education Product Policy allows NFS (an Authorized Microsoft Education Reseller) to provide discount laptops to Homeschool families at the same price and with the same software as traditional public school facilities.

Study.com Online Courses has tons of complete online courses for many subjects with lessons plans from middle school to college. Free trial period, then subscription based plans available after that.


Free College Textbooks…




Free Online college Classes…





https://iversity.org/  (some free, some paid)






Low Cost University Options

University of the People Accredited Online American University

Top 12 Accredited Online Colleges With Low Tuition


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