East Texas Snow



March 2 the temperature dropped and it started to snow! We get snow every few years or so here in East Texas, but it’s still a rare site to see. It was downright cold for a few days too.




By the next day we actually had a little accumulation! The snow stuck around for a couple days, which is definitely a rare thing! But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t glad to see it go!



It rained a bunch of sleet and ice too and made it very dangerous to try and go out as everything was coated in solid ice. It completely froze the front of our truck. The temps stayed below freezing for almost a week. I tried to make a run to the store, but the ice had frozen over the air intakes on the truck and she wouldn’t go. so I had to wait till she thawed out!



I made use of my time indoors though. Rearranged the kitchen and cleaned out our fridge that died a few months before and turned it into a pantry. Gotta make use of every bit of space I can!

Eventually we thawed out and proceeded with the entrance of Spring!


Till next time,

Rachele T.