Day 4 Finally on our way

Harold trying to repair the AC, again!

Woke up to a beautiful blue sky this morning and we were able to get on the road fairly early. But…. we didn’t get too far before the AC went out again. 🙁 We located an auto parts store on the way and Harold got what we needed to refuel and be on our way again. Unfortunately it didn’t last too long and went out again.

Heading down the Mississippi Hwy toward Florida!


I could really tell a difference in how the truck pulled with the new hitch. It was 100% better! Even on rough roads it didn’t jerk us around like it had before.

Mobile, AL

I’m just so thankful the Lord was watching over us and allowed us to catch the broken hitch before it broke running down the road.

We were so happy to cross from Mississippi into Alabama,heading toward Florida.

Going through the tunnel around Mobile, AL on Hwy 10 toward FL.


As we passed around Mobile, Alabama Stormy got such a big kick out of going through the tunnel….

Battleship Park in Mobile, AL

seeing the battleship….

and crossing the bridge on our way to Florida.

Florida met us with a nasty thunderstorm, but quickly passed. Stormy was so excited she couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it.

Panama City Beach, FL

After a few more thunderstorms we were finally in the home stretch! Just one more hour to go and as we turned on to Hwy 20 from 331 we heard this awful popping and cracking noise, almost like blackcat fireworks going off. We thought maybe we lost a tire, but when we were finally able to pull over a few miles later, it wasn’t a tire…. but the main belt in our truck engine was starting to shred. So we prayed and babied our truck the last 45 minutes to the RV park. We made it, thankfully, and got our trailer situated and made a beeline for the local O’Reilly’s store. Belt, sealant and more Freon for the AC in hand, we are set for the evening. A few repairs to the truck in the am and we will hopefully get to enjoy our week here.

Till next time,

Enjoy your adventure,

Rachele T.