Day 3 Just Chilllin’

We were next to a nice covered pavilion with a BBQ grill at Okatoma Resort & RV Park in Hattiesburg, MS.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful overcast sky and as I sipped my coffee I thought back over our trip so far and just had to laugh. Well, it was either laugh or cry so I chose to laugh. I took this down time to try to organize the trailer a little better. One thing I have learned is that bouncing down the road is a lot different than living in it stationary. I had stuff fly out of latched cabinets and found it at the other end of the trailer. Crazy! So I spent the morning doing laundry and cleaning.

Stormy playing pool at the clubhouse.

While I was trying to straighten up the girls decided to explore Okatoma. Holly took Stormy up to the pool house where they had a great snack bar and played ping pong. Then they made their way to the club house where I was able to join them and found Stormy playing a game of pool with a couple of girls she made fast friends with.

Inside Okatoma’s Clubhouse!

Someone had just finished baking homemade fresh bread and the clubhouse just smelt yummy. I loved the rustic charm and the rock fireplace was just beautiful.

Okatoma’s Pool

After a giggle filled game of pool Stormy went swimming in the parks pool with her new friends. At least till it started raining for the second time today.

Okatoma’s Snack Bar

But we enjoyed an ice cream from the snack bar and watched the storm pass under the cover of the pool house. The breeze was a really nice break from the humid afternoon heat. Once the rain passed Stormy discovered the sand by the pool and started getting her sand castle practice in.

Stormy’s first sand castle at Okatoma

After building sand castles Stormy and I explored a little bit around the lake. It sure is beautiful and so peaceful out here.

RV parking right on the lake

You can even bring your pools and go fishing. There are several RV spots that back right up to the lake. Even with the narrow roads there are several larger motor homes out here as there is plenty of room. There are lots of ducks and geese that wander all around the lake and park.

Lots of Ducks Everywhere!

I saw a mama duck and her little ones waddling past our camper. It was so cute. It was relaxing to watch them and enjoy the afternoon.

We finally got the call that our hitch had arrived so Harold drove into town to get it replaced and see if he could get some Freon to recharge the AC. A few hours later he called to tell me we were all fixed up! The hitch is on and he found a small leak in the AC system but he got it recharged for now and blows cold once again.

They even have a place for your four-legged traveler.

Sugar even had a good time this afternoon. They have a nice Doggie Playyard where Sugar could run off some of her extra energy. I think she had fun.

Sugar enjoyed the doggie park!

It rained most of the rest of the evening so I finished going through the trailer to get it ready to get back on the road tomorrow!


We definitely enjoyed our stay here at Okatoma.

Okatoma Cabins

Even if you don’t have an RV they also offer Cabin rentals and tent spaces.

We would recommend this park if you are looking for some real peace and quiet.

Some of Okatoma’s full-time residents.



Until next time….

Rachele T.

Safe travels and enjoy your own  journey!