Taken care of the “Doo-dee”


As a Full-Time RVer there are just some things that have to be taken care of on a regular basis that most people don’t really give a second thought too. One of those things is taking care of human waste. …

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How to Make Your Own All Natural No Poo Shampoo Alternative


Have you considered switching from the chemical laden commercial shampoos but also don’t want to spend four times as much to buy those “alternative” and supposed “all-natural” hair products you find on the store shelves?  I have. I’ve tried switching …

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What a day!

Oh boy! What a day so far! Hubby has been working nights this week and Sunday the transmission went out in his company truck. Yesterday we took it into the shop and the company is getting it fixed, no biggie. …

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Time to Rescue Holly!


As I posted a few days ago, our daughter’s, that we just moved 3-1/2 hours away to Dallas, car broke down. We had a feeling it was the battery and we had planned on coming up this weekend to fix …

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Sugar is sick


Our poor fur baby has been so sick today 🙁 I haven’t had her this sick since she was a baby and had parvo when we adopted her from the local shelter. She woke us up at 5 am with …

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Sugar gets a bath!


Gave our dog, Sugar, a much needed bath this morning. She was a little on the smelly side :/ She did very well, I think she rather enjoyed it actually. I like to use dawn dish soap and Dr Bronners …

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A busy February 1st!


Today has been a busy day! Finally got into my chiropractor & upgraded to the unlimited visits for the month of February. He is very reasonable, it is only $240 for our entire family for the whole month with unlimited …

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Some scary storms!


Been hearing the last few days about possible severe storms coming this afternoon. So we got our running done this morning then did a walk around inside & out to make sure we “battened down the hatches” and nothing would …

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