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A BIG Move!!

The last few years have been crazy busy and I really did not have as much time as I had hoped to keep everything updated. On top of that, we moved over 600 miles from where we had lived for …

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Its been awhile!

I have to apologize for not posting the last few years. It is amazing how fast time has flown by! We were able to finally get out of our RV and into a small house in exchange for working for …

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What if Nothing Was Impossible?

This is so amazing! How many times in your life have you wanted to do something, but it looked like it was impossible to do? Don’t let what you think you see stop you from chasing your dreams! TMB (Thai …

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A Very Busy March


March was indeed a very busy month for us. It started out pretty frozen and wet, warmed up to the eighties, then back to freezing again. I guess Spring just couldn’t make up it’s mind if it wanted to stay …

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East Texas Snow


  March 2 the temperature dropped and it started to snow! We get snow every few years or so here in East Texas, but it’s still a rare site to see. It was downright cold for a few days too. …

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Tuesday February 14, 2014


Its been three weeks and $2,000 later, my truck is still in the shop. We finally got the fuel pump and lines and seals all replaced, only to discover the high pressure oil pump was out too. I’m still waiting …

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A Week Long Test of my Preparations for Emergencies!


Got an Update on my truck this morning. It will still be a couple more days as the mechanic is having trouble tracking down the right part. It was my fuel pump that died, but because our truck is an …

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A Very Cold Tow!


Today started out pretty good. Was a little tired. With my hunny working out of state it makes it hard to sleep for me, so mornings are a little tough to get up and moving. But me and baby girl …

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