Albany New York

My Sister Tina and me.

Tuesday and Wednesday we visited with my sisters and their families here in Albany. This was the first time I have really had the chance to sit and talk with them. We have been staying with my sister Tina while here in New York. She loves to bake and makes some of the most beautiful cakes.

Me and my sister Gina

Tuesday & Wednesday during the day we visited with my sister Gina that lives across town.

Stormy, Me, Bobby (Gina’s son), Holly, Elissa (Gina’s daughter)

We got to visit with my niece and nephew. Holly & Stormy got along with their cousins like they had been best friends forever. It was great to be able to get to know everyone.

Weisu, Tina, Weisu’s mother, Stormy, Holly, Weisu’s father, Gregg, Me

Tuesday evening we went to visit Tina’s son, AJ and his wife and her family.

AJ & Weisu

We had a blast! We enjoyed a dinner then karaoke and sharing pictures and stories on the back patio. Weisu is from china and her parents don’t speak English yet, but they were so incredibly sweet and we all managed. Stormy just fell in love with Weisu’s parents and can’t wait to visit them in china one day.

Albany, NY

Albany is a beautiful city. Holly has fallen in love with it here and is planning a trip back with her best friend to visit again soon. Maybe even check out some of the local colleges. I definitely can’t wait to come back to visit again, but I am very thankful for the time I have got to spend with my family.

Until next time, enjoy your journey,

Rachele T.