What a day!

Oh boy! What a day so far! Hubby has been working nights this week and Sunday the transmission went out in his company truck. Yesterday we took it into the shop and the company is getting it fixed, no biggie. But, he is having to run our personal truck while the company truck is in the shop. So the last two days have been crazy for me trying to get everything I need to get done in the 4 hour window before its time to fix his dinner & food for work & him leave again.

So we had a freeze last night, no biggie all our hoses are wrapped (well it shouldn’t have been anyway). We woke to no water this morning, didn’t think much about it, I figured it would thaw out in a bit. I had to run a few errands in town first thing this morning. I came back from town to find a note on my door from the neighbor explains that he had shut our water off because there were 2 huge leaks. Ugh! Yep! The hose splitter had split & the water filter had busted. So I made another run into town to get the parts to fix it and finally got our water back on.

Time to Rescue Holly!

As I posted a few days ago, our daughter’s, that we just moved 3-1/2 hours away to Dallas, car broke down. We had a feeling it was the battery and we had planned on coming up this weekend to fix it, but Harold’s work told him that even though it was his only weekend off for the whole month, he couldn’t take it. So as soon as we got paid we sent Holly the money to buy a new battery. She got some of her friends to help her go get a new in and get it in and she reported that everything was fine.

Till Friday afternoon. We get a call about 3pm and Holly was sitting in the side if the road about a mile from the house, car dead! Well, work or no work we couldn’t leave our baby girl stranded, so we had her call a friend and take her to work while we loaded up dad’s tools that he thought he night need and headed out.

We arrived late Friday night. Luckily I thought to call ahead to the hotel to book a room as we got the last room. Holly lives down the road from The Texas Motor Speedway and there was a classic car rally there this weekend

20130317-064717.jpg One of the cars at the hotel where we were staying.

Saturday I got up at 4:30am to go pick up Holly to get her to work. Then after daylight dad & I went to see what was wrong with her car. As soon as dad opened the hood the look on his face told me someone had screwed something up. Her friends meant well trying to help her, but it was very apparent none of them, including Holly, had a clue. First off she had the wrong size battery in. And because it was to big it was jammed up to the alternator fan. The cables were not attached to the posts and the battery cables, because of the wrong size battery, had gotten shoved up into the alternator fan and the blades of the fan had chewed through the protective coverings and into the bare wires. We were so lucking it died before it caught fire.

Dad was able to rig it back together temporarily so we could get it the mile back to her house and start making a list of parts we needed. Once we had our list together we made a run to the nearest O’Reilly Auto Parts store, which was about 20 miles away. We ended up going to 2 stores to finish getting all the parts and new battery, cables, terminals, etc. by the time we were done it was time to pick Holly up from work and have some lunch.


After lunch we headed back to Holly’s to get to work on her car. One of Holly’s friends was there and he got right outside with dad and helped him get everything fixed back up. They got all new cables and terminals put in. Secured the new battery & cables so it wouldn’t slide around or bump the alternator. Thank goodness it didn’t mess up the alternator as we just replaced that a month ago. (Of course I suggested to dad back when we replaced the alternator to go ahead and put in a new battery, cables & clamps & secure it as it looked like it needed to be done & I didn’t want her to get all the way to Dallas and get stuck :/ hmmm maybe someone should listen time a little more often).

After dad got her engine running good again he and Holly’s friend checked all her brakes and tires to make sure she was doing good. So she is up & rolling again.

After we got all cleaned up we were talking to Holly’s best friend and roommate and she confessed when we asked her how her car was doing, that her car had been acting funny & stalling out in her. It’s a good thing we planned on staying two nights, after breakfast this morning dad is going to check out her car and see if we can’t get her running good again.

So it has been a busy but productive weekend. And I’m just so thankful my husband knows enough to keep all our vehicles running.

I took this picture of The Texas Motor Speedway from Holly’s front yard. Yep she is that close.

Till next time,
Rachele T.

Sugar is sick


Our poor fur baby has been so sick today 🙁 I haven’t had her this sick since she was a baby and had parvo when we adopted her from the local shelter.

She woke us up at 5 am with awful diarrhea (let’s just say I have to shampoo the carpet) Daddy took her outside while mommy cleaned up all the accidents. My poor baby. We all went back to sleep for a little bit. When we got back up I took my Sugar for a long walk, poor thing 🙁 it was just awful.

So I got online with some of my Young Living Oil friends to find out what I could do for her. What I was able to find out was that the Di-Gize oil blend is very good for doggie diarrhea, but I didn’t have any so instead I added 1-2 drops of Thieves oil, Peppermint oil & Lavender oil to about 1tsp of olive oil & rubbed on her front paws & gently massaged onto her belly.

Then my vet friend told me that there is a bad strain of parvo going around that is even taking down vaccinated adult dogs and that no medicine was working so she was trying some alternative treatments and she was having some luck with Slippery Elm. Well hopefully it’s not parvo again :@ oh that was a nightmare when she was a baby.

I couldn’t find just slippery elm bark tea, so I used Throat Coat organic tea instead as it has a high amount of slippery elm bark, which helps to coat & sooth her innards.

I started Sugar on about 1 cup of chicken broth an hour. Then after she kept the first 3 down I mixed a half cup herbal tea with a half cup chicken broth, which she lapped down quite well. After 2 more cups of the herbal tea mixture I added a tbs of D Earth and 2 tbs of her normal dog food into her cup of tea broth. She took that well and started to perk up.

I increased the amount of dog food mixed with the slippery elm tea & chicken broth a few more times before bedtime. I applied the herbal mixture I mentioned above one more time before her last walk.

She seems to be doing much better tonight, although not 100% yet. Hopefully she will do better tomorrow. Il’l continue her oil massages 2 times a day and her herbal tea until she is herself again, which will hopefully be soon.

Boy it’s been a week that’s for sure! Last week we got Holly moved to Dallas

A few days later she calls to tell us her car won’t start :/ hopefully it’s just the battery, but we’ve got to wait until the next payday to send her the money for one.

A few days later our hot water heater died & it’s going to be $700-$900+ to replace it! Geeze! I never would have thought it would be as much for a 6gal RV hot water tank as it was for the 50 gal one we had installed in our old home. So, since I don’t have that money just lying around I’ve had to boil water for dishes & baths. What fun :/

The next day while I was cleaning out our black water tank some tp I guess got jammed in the tube and water flowed back into the bathroom before I could get the water shut off 🙁 yuck! So I spent 2 days cleaning that mess up! And yea we need to replace the toilet too, it’s usable but broke. That’s $200+

With it starting to get warmer we are going to have to replace the a/c before it gets too hot as it died after last year. That’s about $1200-$1500+ for a new unit.

Then my Sugar gets sick 🙁 so it’s been one heck of a week! But that’s ok! Because God is good all the time and He will somehow help us get everything we need. I’m just thankful we are blessed enough to have this RV to live in. When I do get discouraged from so many thinks going wrong I think of Job from the Bible and what he went through.

So no matter what happens God is still awesome & amazing. And I’m still believing for a new 2 bedroom 5th wheel with slides so our Stormy will finally have a little space and not have to sleep in the living room and we will have a bit more room & storage. 🙂

Till next time,
Enjoy your Journey 🙂
God Bless

Rachele T