Liberty City, Texas

Welcome to 2013!

Well its hard to believe today is the last day of 2012. So much has happened this past year, and so much is on the horizon in the upcoming year. A lot of changes and a big move is in our future.

Third Rock From The Sun

At first I planned on this site to just showcase some of the places we visit, but I believe that everyday is a journey around this third rock from the sun. So I’ve decide to make this our family blog on the day to day happenings, plus travel.

We are gearing up for a major move from Texas to Oregon this spring, so we are preparing for that. My husband is from southern Oregon, so this will be a going home for him.

I hope that you my friends will join us on our webpage, and also on facebook, as we face each new journey, each and everyday.

Till Next Time,

Rachele T.