Its Hard to Believe its Already Friday!

Spent Wednesday relaxing on the beach in front of the Sandpiper Beacon Resort, PCB, FL

I can’t believe its Friday already. The last week has just flown by. I’m glad we were able to push through all the problems we had on the trip down so that we could enjoy this last week. We got to do so much and got to relax by the beach.

Stormy enjoying the surf

Wednesday we just kicked back all day on the beach and just relaxed. We visited the beach in front of the Sandpiper Beacon Resort & Tiki Bar. It was really nice. I think if we are able to make another trip to PCB, FL without the RV we will stay here.

Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort PCB FL

They are all inclusive. They have a waterslide at their pool, mini-putt-putt, a playground, activities planned every day, and a really great beach! After the beach we just kicked back at the RV and rested.

Holly boarding the Banana Boat to ride out to the Para-sail boat

Thursday we went back to the Sandpiper so Holly could go Para-sailing.


Holly Para Sailing

They took a banana boat ride out to the boat and back again.  She had a blast!

Afterward we headed over to Sharky’s to eat lunch on the Beach. It really was a great view. They have a huge deck that wraps around the back of the restaurant and each table has an umbrella to shade you from the sun.

Lunch at Sharky’s on the beach, PCB, FL

Our waitress was great and the food was awesome. It was the most relaxing lunch I’ve ever had. We watched a storm roll in as we were finishing and just as we were stepping off the patio it began to ran. That worked out well, for us anyway.

Trying to navigate the Maze at Coconut Creek, no we never made it through. :/

After lunch we headed over to Coconut Creek Putt-Putt & Gran Maze and attempted to navigate our way through their maze. Nope! We didn’t make it. We spent about an hour going in circles and it just wasn’t much fun anymore so we headed out and played a round of putt-putt.

Putt-putt was alot more fun

That was alot more enjoyable. Their course makes ours back in Texas look really lame. It was a great afternoon.

We all really enjoyed ourselves this week and Holly had some friends from back home actually in PCB this week too. So she met up with them Thursday evening over at Lavela. She had fun while we started getting everything packed back up to leave.

Just another Day in Paradise

Friday morning arrived and so did the black clouds. We were able to get about half-way packed back up before it started to pour. Harold got soaked clean through trying to finish breaking down the trailer. But we got it all done and were on the road by 10:40 this morning.

Praying we have smooth sailing all the way home this weekend. We plan to stop in Vicksburg, MS this evening, then on to West Monroe, LA on Saturday to visit with one of Harold’s old Army buddies he hasn’t seen in years! then on home Sunday afternoon.

I’ll be glad to get home and get caught up on some things before me and the girls head to the East Coast in a few more weeks to visit my family.

Till next time, enjoy your journey,

Rachele T.